Youth and Sports


2014/2015 Working Calendar

Schedule Activities
Agustus 2014 To make Social Networks (Facebook and Twitter) to introduce the North Sumatra Teo Chew Association, especially Youth and Sports to solicit new members
Agustus 2014 To promote table tennis training as one of the major sports in the scope of the North Sumatra Teo Chew Association; to held “Friendly Matches between Table Tennis Associations”
Table tennis training schedule: Monday to Friday: 15.00 to 21.00 WIBb
Location: North Sumatra Teo Chew Association, 5th floor
Contact: John Ferry Tan
September 2014 To initiate the formation of “Calligraphy Class” to increase passions in children, adolescents and youth to learn Mandarin and Tio Ciu Language
Oktober 2014 To held Young Entrepreneurship Seminar in the framework of the Youth Oath Day to increase the entrepreneurial spirit of the youth