About Us

North Sumatra Teo Chew Association was founded on …

  1. To develop membership growth by good cooperation and coordination among stakeholders.
  2. To build a prosperous, compact, powerful, qualified, and harmony life for resident of Tio Ciu in North Sumatra.
Motto: Unity in Harmony
Theme Song:
  1. To retain existing members.
  2. To add 500 new members of the Tio ciu tribe.
  3. To increase commitment and activities consistency of the departments.
  4. To build partnership in departments activities with other organizations and/or local government.
Rencana Kerja:
  1. To support the Vision and Mission of Advisors of the North Sumatra Teo Chew Association.
  2. To coordinate intensive, tiered and sustainable leadership to attract future leaders.
  3. To maximize the active roles of Departments Heads and his teams under the supervision and close coordination and harmonious communication.
  4. To promote North Sumatra Teo Chew Association to the general public.
  5. To give tributes to Departments Heads and their teams who have carved a good name for North Sumatra Teo Chew Association.
  6. To celebrate the birthday of its members on a monthly basis, in the monthly meeting.